Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Start of my BFA Thesis

The working title for my thesis project is Propaganda Then and Now, which aims to be an examination of the design elements of propaganda during World War II and then an application of these design choices to modern social issues which I will be creating.

I will be approaching this as a communication problem, versus a knowledge problem or design problem, because it deals primarily with the communication of knowledge to a new audience. Primarily, this will be written and demonstrated in a way which makes it accessible to a larger audience (namely those of you who follow my work) but it will definitely have an additional appeal for those with an interest in WWII, propaganda, media, and design.

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Read the detailed thesis below the jump break.

Propaganda Then and Now

Thesis statement:
I will be exploring design choices as they relate to propaganda created during World War II. Focusing on a limited selection of propaganda, this thesis will analyze features of propaganda such as: typography, color, contrast, composition, audience, medium, and other aspects that influence the design process. These identified features will then be appropriated and manipulated to social issues of today through the same medium as the original. The final presentation will consist of the new works, accompanied by thumbnails of the original works from which design choices were drawn from.

Thesis restated as a question:
Can methods from past works of propaganda prove to be effective when applied to propaganda created for modern issues of today?

Approach: (Design Knowledge, Design Practice Based, or Communication Problem)
Communication Problem

Those with an interest in history, propaganda, design, and media.

What do you want the audience to take away from this project?
A broader knowledge of past design choices that went into propaganda creation and an awareness as to whether or not these methods are effective today.

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