Friday, January 29, 2016

Commission Information

I have decided to take commissions, since I am unable to work as many conventional job hours due to my graphic design internship and college courses. My prices are going to be lower than I have previously priced them, on the condition that you understand I can largely only work Thursday-Sunday on commissions and that I have your permission to put these pieces into my portfolio should I choose to.

Even if you can't currently afford to commission me, if you can share this with any of your friends seeking an artist that would be appreciated!

full body    40 USD
waist          20 USD
bust            10 USD
add 5 USD for flat coloring.

Signature    5 USD

Pixel Avatar / Icon
100x100     25 USD

For full illustration and other pricing, such as doing work for children's books and other materials, contact me through my email address to discuss the project and pricing.

For the above standardized works, send an email titled "COMISSION" to with the following information.
Character name:
Character description:
Pose and expression:
Additional description and/or references:

The only acceptable form of payment is through Paypal.

Now Streaming on

I am now streaming on in their creative category!

My most up to date schedule can be found at my channel, but loosely I will be streaming three times a week; on Thursdays at 10PM, on Fridays after 5PM, and on Saturdays at an undetermined time. If you have a account, you can follow me to get notified when I go live.

You can also follow me on Twitter (@ZekeBKing) for updates on when I go live!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Start of my BFA Thesis

The working title for my thesis project is Propaganda Then and Now, which aims to be an examination of the design elements of propaganda during World War II and then an application of these design choices to modern social issues which I will be creating.

I will be approaching this as a communication problem, versus a knowledge problem or design problem, because it deals primarily with the communication of knowledge to a new audience. Primarily, this will be written and demonstrated in a way which makes it accessible to a larger audience (namely those of you who follow my work) but it will definitely have an additional appeal for those with an interest in WWII, propaganda, media, and design.

Follow my blog to keep up to date on progress, as well as updates on my other running projects. You can also follow me on Twitter @zekebking and at my account and LinkedIn profile.

Read the detailed thesis below the jump break.