Monday, May 18, 2015

Artist Spotlight Series

One way to better get to know a person is through what art and artists interest them. Artists are no different; if anything, we're an especially particular bunch with what media we consume because we're so pressed for time. Still, I find it worth it to talk about my favorite artists if only to have an excuse to spend some of my hard-pressed time looking at the work of those I admire.

Artist Spotlight is a semi-regular article series that aims to highlight artists' work and careers who I find interesting and wish to share on this blog. It will consist of short articles where I talk about why I admire the artist, perhaps a couple pieces of art posted with permission, and include links on where to find and follow more of their work. If possible, I may also ask a couple questions of the artist mini-interview style.

I have a couple artists in mind who I want to write about already, but if you have suggestions or yourself would like to be featured then leave a comment below.

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